Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Overwhelmed and not sure!!!

   Well, I have chosen to switch my topic and I was not finding much information on the first choice to go in the direction I wanted to. Needless, to say I am totally overwhelmed now trying to start over in the fifth week. I have been very tired and feel as though I need a break from something. I am tired and so busy that I am not getting all my assignments in, so changing my topic has totally added a whole new stress to everything else. I feel that I use freewriting and outlining as my prewriting techniques. I like freewriting as it allows me to jot down ideas while I am researching that I may want to use in my paper. While reading through the discussion board I came across someone talking about brainstorming and asking questions help assist them into the direction they want to take with their paper. I totally like that idea and I am going to try it while researching this paper and I may adopt a new writing technique...we shall see.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Don't know how to help!!!

     Okay, my mother in law passed from a form of cancer I had not heard of before. She passed away January 24, 2010 and my father was severly depressed and took his own life June 13, 2010. My husband has been very strong through it all and in fact I believe to strong. He mourned my mother in law along side his father. They were there to help each other and grieved together. But unfortunately my father in law did not get through it as well as my husband. My father in law threatened suicide many times before he actually carried out his threats. I tried to get the family together to try to help for a few months before he committed suicide. My husband was really torn the night he received the news about his dad and had to go to his dad's house to meet with the detectives and the coroner. After he came home at 6am the next morning he stopped crying as he knew he had to take care of everything that comes with death. His paternal grandmother is still with us, as well as three uncles. They were very upset with my husband and his sisters for cremating their father even though it was what he had always told us he wanted. My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years and my in laws have made sure to tell us many times a year what their final wishes were which included cremation. His grandma and one uncle went as far as to get an attorney to stop the three kids from carrying out their fathers final wishes. Needless to say my father in law was cremated. We had so much support the first couple of months, it was great. Everyone slowly backed away and the last couple of months most of the people who helped us get through it has been at each others throat for one reason or another (their own reasons nothing to do with this). So, today my husband finally broke his silence and cried some which he has not done. He is sad not only from physically losing two parents, but he also feels like because no one can get along that he is alone. He knows I am here, but he had my parents and his maternal aunt and uncle around alot and now no one. My parents call, but they are so wrapped up in themselves and thats all they want to talk about it ridiculous, and thats if they are not defending another sibling even if they are totally wrong in what they are doing. His aunt has not had too much to do with him because he said a joke and she took it very personal. My husband is one of the most gentle and kind people I have ever met. Since his parents passed he has become less tolerate of somethings that he would look right passed before. So, I believe that he was trying to deal with all this pain without showing too much emotion. I kept telling everyone that his moods had changed and that he would eventually break down. Well, I am glad that he cried today, but unfortunately I still don't think it was enough because it was only on his way out the door for work. I think between his sister from Florida calling and them talking about their dad and the holidays its finally getting to him. Now I am trying to rally all these people together and trying to get everyone to understand with this being the first big holidays without his parents that he needs support just as they helped when the first two tragedies happened. Any suggestions or ideas on how to help with any of this is much appreciated.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

(Unit 3) Halloween treats for the kids...

     My kids had a good halloween which included a haunted forest and then lots of candy. My son is in scouts and they set up a haunted forest for the kids. They walked awhile with people jumping out at them along the way. We then sat at a campfire for a story which started out as scary and turned out very funny to them. They walked alittle ways further and heard another story before coming to a barn with Charlie Brown's Halloween playing. We then took a hayride back to the front where they carved pumpkins. This took place a week before halloween, but was a very fun night.

     Then there was halloween and trick or treat time. I took the kids to a few houses on our street and the street at the end of ours. We then went to church where they were having fun and games for the kids. For every game they played they received a handful of candy...lol. When it got down to ten minuted until closing they were receiving two handfuls of candy. Needless to say they went home with lots and lots of candy. My daughter had a celebration on Thursday morning (of trick or treat night). My son had a celebration on Friday afternoon (after trick or treat night). They both brought home treats from school as well. They have enough candy to last for weeks and weeks. All that counts is they enjoyed themselves!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Suggestions Appreciated!!!!

     Well, I feel like I need more hours in the day!!! I work part time and I am a full time housewife. I am a cub scout den leader and I am going to school. I really need to learn how to balance my time. I am not getting everything done that needs done. So far, I have gotten my school work done on time and I am grateful for that, but I am not getting as much done around the house (which is weighing on everyone). My husband is working late shifts right now after working mornings for so long. So, it is wierd everything is being flipped around...which is hard on the kids...especially our 4 year old daughter. Any suggestions or ideas will be so appreciated...as I am still trying to figure it out.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just playing with my phone trying this out!! Excited.

Here we go!!!

     Well, my kids are both asleep and my husband is working. I am sitting on the couch writing about tonight and what tomorrow may hold in store. Tonight has been pretty smooth running and now its quiet so no complaints there. It is unusual to have total silence with having two kids and four dogs running around. My son's school held a fundraiser tonight at a restaurant so we went and ate. The kids had a good time and got excited that their dad popped in on his lunch break from work. It took about an hour after being home for them to wind down. But as I said they did and all is calm on the homefront.

     Tomorrow will start early as it usually does...my daughter goes to school before 8am eastern. Her school has invited the local fire department to come in and teach the kids about fire safety. Most kids her age would be excited to have them come and be able to sit in the truck for a moment, but not her. She used to get excited and has been on a fire truck before and enjoyed it, but as I said not anymore. See...it started almost a year ago when one of our neighbors passed. His wife who had alzheimer's had mentioned to someone that her husband had some explosives or bombs in the house. So, as a precaution they evacuated those who needed to be and told the rest of us to stay away from our windows and doors. I took my pets and my daughter and left for the day as to keep everyone safe and away from all of that. It was only a scare and no explosives or bombs were found....by the way he passed from natural causes (in case you may be wondering). They had blocked the whole street and no one could come or go after I left. The scene was finally cleared and we were allowed back home, but the damage had been done. She is terrified of police and fire department personnel now. She cries at the thought of having to see them at school. I am going to stay with her and try to have one of the firefighters talk with her, but I am not sure if thats the right thing or if that may make it worse. I guess I will find out and go from there....I just want her to trust in them that way she feels protected if we needed there help. I am feeling bad for her and confused on just how to handle this situation. Honestly, she did not tell me thats why she is scared she happen to tell her teacher the other morning after crying in school because she had thought they were coming that day. Tomorrow may be a long day, but that will happen sometimes. After getting her home I will start on all my work for this week. Good luck to everyone out there!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just a Tuesday evening!!!

     This is my first time blogging!! I am sitting on the couch as I just finished all my work for the week after getting both kids to bed....Quiet time...yeah!!! I am not totally sure what exactly to write about. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions you may have. By the way I am also on Facebook and try to check it at least once a day. I will add some pics from the other computer another day so everyone will have an idea of what I look like.

     Here is a little about me...I am 27 years old and I am in my fourth term at Kaplan. I am married and have been for almost 10 years to Terry. We have two smart and adorable kids...Terry, 8 years old and Hannah, 4 years old. Terry is in the 3rd grade and Hannah just started head start. They both enjoy school which I find a blessing. I work part time as a home health aide and I am a den leader with my son's cub scout pack. I stay very busy, but I have been wishing for time to read again. I have not read a novel in so long I think I would fall asleep doing so. It seems as though there is never enough time in the day. There is always more that needs done. My husband is so supportive and helps out and tells me to keep going when I feel as though I am overwhelmed. Anyway that is it for tonight!!!!!

Goodnight All!!!!!