Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Here we go!!!

     Well, my kids are both asleep and my husband is working. I am sitting on the couch writing about tonight and what tomorrow may hold in store. Tonight has been pretty smooth running and now its quiet so no complaints there. It is unusual to have total silence with having two kids and four dogs running around. My son's school held a fundraiser tonight at a restaurant so we went and ate. The kids had a good time and got excited that their dad popped in on his lunch break from work. It took about an hour after being home for them to wind down. But as I said they did and all is calm on the homefront.

     Tomorrow will start early as it usually daughter goes to school before 8am eastern. Her school has invited the local fire department to come in and teach the kids about fire safety. Most kids her age would be excited to have them come and be able to sit in the truck for a moment, but not her. She used to get excited and has been on a fire truck before and enjoyed it, but as I said not anymore. started almost a year ago when one of our neighbors passed. His wife who had alzheimer's had mentioned to someone that her husband had some explosives or bombs in the house. So, as a precaution they evacuated those who needed to be and told the rest of us to stay away from our windows and doors. I took my pets and my daughter and left for the day as to keep everyone safe and away from all of that. It was only a scare and no explosives or bombs were the way he passed from natural causes (in case you may be wondering). They had blocked the whole street and no one could come or go after I left. The scene was finally cleared and we were allowed back home, but the damage had been done. She is terrified of police and fire department personnel now. She cries at the thought of having to see them at school. I am going to stay with her and try to have one of the firefighters talk with her, but I am not sure if thats the right thing or if that may make it worse. I guess I will find out and go from there....I just want her to trust in them that way she feels protected if we needed there help. I am feeling bad for her and confused on just how to handle this situation. Honestly, she did not tell me thats why she is scared she happen to tell her teacher the other morning after crying in school because she had thought they were coming that day. Tomorrow may be a long day, but that will happen sometimes. After getting her home I will start on all my work for this week. Good luck to everyone out there!!!!!!!!!


  1. Jennifer - I can understand her fear! I hope they were able to talk with her and she feels better!

  2. Okay, well I went to school with my daughter and of course the firemen came today. She started to cry about an hour before they came as she heard two teachers discussing it. I calmed her down and she told me they were going to have a fire in her I explained that it was firefighters coming to talk about fire. She was good throughout the morning until they came and slipped into their fire gear. She looked terrified!!! I let her know that all that gear was to protect them, but they were trying to go near the kids to get them to feel safe. She wasn't having it...I told her she did not have to go to close for today. Afterwards she was fine and went out to see their ladder truck and enjoyed that. All went well!!!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    How are you. I can understand her fears. I think you did a great job to calm down her fears, maybe with time she will get over her fears.
    Thank you