Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just a Tuesday evening!!!

     This is my first time blogging!! I am sitting on the couch as I just finished all my work for the week after getting both kids to bed....Quiet time...yeah!!! I am not totally sure what exactly to write about. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions you may have. By the way I am also on Facebook and try to check it at least once a day. I will add some pics from the other computer another day so everyone will have an idea of what I look like.

     Here is a little about me...I am 27 years old and I am in my fourth term at Kaplan. I am married and have been for almost 10 years to Terry. We have two smart and adorable kids...Terry, 8 years old and Hannah, 4 years old. Terry is in the 3rd grade and Hannah just started head start. They both enjoy school which I find a blessing. I work part time as a home health aide and I am a den leader with my son's cub scout pack. I stay very busy, but I have been wishing for time to read again. I have not read a novel in so long I think I would fall asleep doing so. It seems as though there is never enough time in the day. There is always more that needs done. My husband is so supportive and helps out and tells me to keep going when I feel as though I am overwhelmed. Anyway that is it for tonight!!!!!

Goodnight All!!!!!

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