Thursday, October 28, 2010

Suggestions Appreciated!!!!

     Well, I feel like I need more hours in the day!!! I work part time and I am a full time housewife. I am a cub scout den leader and I am going to school. I really need to learn how to balance my time. I am not getting everything done that needs done. So far, I have gotten my school work done on time and I am grateful for that, but I am not getting as much done around the house (which is weighing on everyone). My husband is working late shifts right now after working mornings for so long. So, it is wierd everything is being flipped around...which is hard on the kids...especially our 4 year old daughter. Any suggestions or ideas will be so I am still trying to figure it out.


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  1. Hi Jennifer
    I know that kind of scheduling change can make the kids nuts! All I can say is to try and schedule as much as you can and try to stick to it.