Saturday, October 30, 2010

(Unit 3) Halloween treats for the kids...

     My kids had a good halloween which included a haunted forest and then lots of candy. My son is in scouts and they set up a haunted forest for the kids. They walked awhile with people jumping out at them along the way. We then sat at a campfire for a story which started out as scary and turned out very funny to them. They walked alittle ways further and heard another story before coming to a barn with Charlie Brown's Halloween playing. We then took a hayride back to the front where they carved pumpkins. This took place a week before halloween, but was a very fun night.

     Then there was halloween and trick or treat time. I took the kids to a few houses on our street and the street at the end of ours. We then went to church where they were having fun and games for the kids. For every game they played they received a handful of When it got down to ten minuted until closing they were receiving two handfuls of candy. Needless to say they went home with lots and lots of candy. My daughter had a celebration on Thursday morning (of trick or treat night). My son had a celebration on Friday afternoon (after trick or treat night). They both brought home treats from school as well. They have enough candy to last for weeks and weeks. All that counts is they enjoyed themselves!!!

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