Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Overwhelmed and not sure!!!

   Well, I have chosen to switch my topic and I was not finding much information on the first choice to go in the direction I wanted to. Needless, to say I am totally overwhelmed now trying to start over in the fifth week. I have been very tired and feel as though I need a break from something. I am tired and so busy that I am not getting all my assignments in, so changing my topic has totally added a whole new stress to everything else. I feel that I use freewriting and outlining as my prewriting techniques. I like freewriting as it allows me to jot down ideas while I am researching that I may want to use in my paper. While reading through the discussion board I came across someone talking about brainstorming and asking questions help assist them into the direction they want to take with their paper. I totally like that idea and I am going to try it while researching this paper and I may adopt a new writing technique...we shall see.

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